Rep. Thielen’s Opioid Warning Label Bill Passes

Representative Cynthia Thielen introduced legislation that would require a warning label on all opioid prescriptions that says “Caution: Opioid. Risk of overdose and addiction.” Though this is a small step, it is a step in the right direction for the Hawaii Opioid Initiative.

Be on the lookout for more efforts in combating the Opioid Crisis.

Minority Caucus speaks against HB 1768

May 01, 2018 – Final reading debate prompted a necessary discussion on HB 1768 RELATING TO INFORMATION PRACTICES. On the same day, the Senate moved to recommit the bill in their Chamber which overall killed the bill. However, the Minority Caucus spoke against the measure leading to a motion to recommit.

Bill description: Permits public inspection and duplication of salary ranges, for legislative employees in incremental amounts of $15,000, rather than exact compensation amounts. Defines “legislative employees.” (HB1768 CD1)

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Rep. Cynthia Thielen motions to recommit SB 2609

Friday, April 6th, in a robust discussion, Representative Cynthia Thielen endeavored to recommit SB 2609 – relating to financial disclosure statements (please see video for the floor debate). In the Senate, this bill received seven noes and three ayes with reservations, and 12 noes and six ayes with reservations from the House.

On the floor when the motion to recommit was made, Representative Cynthia Thielen said, “Article 14 of our Constitution requires all boards and commission members who wield significant discretionary or fiscal powers to file financial disclosure statements to promote transparency and accountability. It doesn’t matter whether these board and commission members are non-paid volunteers, they still wield significant discretionary or fiscal powers. This bill will require the redaction or the hiding of all financial amounts on the financial disclosure statements. So in other words, the public would be able to look at a meaningless document.” In summary, Rep. Thielen finds this bill to be unconstitutional and thus her motion to recommit it to the Judiciary committee. The motion failed, but the discussion continued. See video for the full discussion.