Better Solutions for the Best Hawai’i – Intro Video

Hawai’i has lost sight of what really matters, you.

We aspire to provide Better Solutions for the Best Hawai’i. We have been creating a bill package that strives to make our government and our state more accountable, affordable, and accessible to and for you.

How you can get involved!

The 2018 legislative session begins in January. We need your help! If these bill ideas resonate with you:

  • Voice your support! Contact your representative and encourage them to vote in support of these bills.
  • Suggestions! Make an appointment with a Republican legislator to discuss the bills.
  • Testify! Attend the hearings during the legislative session and testify in support of the bill or submit testimony online at

More about the bill ideas:

Stop Taxing Life
Did you know the average family in Hawai’i pays about $650 in taxes on food alone? We endeavor to provide a solution for our state that would make our cost of living a little more affordable. Join us in telling our government, “stop taxing life” by excluding food, life’s necessity, from the General Excise Tax. View this video to put it in perspective.

Equal Funding for Charter Schools
Did you know that not all of our keiki get equal funding for school? Unlike DOE schools, charter schools have to use their funds to also pay for facilities, special education, transportation and other necessities. We need your help in advocating for “equal funding for our Charter Schools“.

See the info sheet for more information on other bills in our caucus package.

Caucus Package 2018


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