Rep. Pouha Addresses HB 134 – State Tax – Rail

Report Title:  Public Transit; County Surcharge on State Tax
Description:  Reauthorizes the counties’ authority to establish a county surcharge on state tax for a limited time period, with the surcharge to be effective until 12/31/2027, if adopted. Requires counties to adopt an ordinance to establish or extend a surcharge prior to 7/1/2016. Limits the use of surcharge revenues by counties that have already established a county surcharge on state tax to capital costs. Expands the definition of capital costs for counties with a population greater than 500,000. Amends the definition of “public lands” to include the air rights over any portion of state land upon which a county mass transit project is developed after 7/11/2005. (HB134 CD1)  5/5/2015 H Passed Final Reading as amended in CD 1 with Representative(s) Cullen voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Brower, Johanson, Kobayashi, Kong, C. Lee, Lowen, Nishimoto, Ohno, San Buenaventura, Thielen, Tupola, Ward voting no (12) and none excused (0). 5/5/2015 H Received notice of Final Reading (Sen. Com. No. 699).

fekihb 134-2Contact:  Excerpt from Capitol TV