For 147 students killed at Garissa University by Al Shabaab militants

Representative Gene Ward  along with his colleagues in the Hawaii House of Representatives sent a letter of sympathy to the people of Kenya for the tragic loss of 147 students lives at Garissa University.

“I was extremely saddened and disheartened by the news that these college students were gunned down on the morning of Tuesday, April 2, 2015,” Ward said recalling he had traveled a number of times to Kenya as a United Nations consultant.

The letter (see attached) in part states that: “We encourage Kenyans to move forward as a strong and united nation. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of those killed. We wish full restoration and swift healing for your country and for Garissa University College. We are confident that the University will continue to excel in the valuable work it does for education and research.”

“Our letter of aloha and sympathy is the least we can do halfway around the world to show our aloha and concern for the families and nation that was brutally attacked without cause,” Ward concluded. Copies of the letter are being sent to the President of Garissa University, the President of the Republic of Kenya, the Kenyan Parliament, the National Police Service of Kenya, and the Kenya Red Cross Society Council among others.

PDF Letter with Representatives signatures: