Reps. Ward and Pouha Honors the Society of the Ho`kule’a

Floor Presentations –  H.R. No. 179 – Honoring the Polynesian
voyaging society on the 40th anniversary of the launch of

On March 8, 1975, the Polynesian Voyaging Society
launched its first wa’a kaulua — Ho`kule’a from the sacred
shores of Hakipu’u in Kane’ohe Bay on the island of O’ahu; its
design was a replica based on oral traditions, sketches, and
petroglyphs of ancient canoes of the Pacific Islands.

HŌKŪLE‘A # 3  all Reps april 2015

Representatives  Romy Cachola, Lynn Decoite, Lauren Matsumoto, Feki Pouha, Andria Tupola Gene Ward and Ryan Yamane  are standing with members of the Society of the Ho`kule’a in the chamber of House of Representatives.

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Excerpt from capitol TV