Rep. McDermott hosts Report # 3 “The Indoctrination of our children” with Dr. Joe McIlhaney

What is your position on abstinence-only, abstinence-plus, and comprehensive sex education in America’s high schools? What type of sexuality education would you recommend?  Our thought is that what we should have programs that work.

Joe_McIlhaney-FOUNDERDr. Joe McIlhaney presents a PowerPoint and a presentation

Joe McIlhaney, MD is the Founder and Chairman of The Medical Institute for Sexual Health. He is from Lubbock, TX and graduated from Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University) in 1957. He graduated from Baylor University School of Medicine with an MD degree in 1991. Following an internship at Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston he entered the USAF as a general medical officer, serving for two years. He returned to Baylor to do nine months of residency in Pediatrics and then to complete a three year residency in Ob-Gyn. He and his wife and three daughters then moved to Austin, TX where he practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology with an emphasis on care of infertile couples. During that time he was an innovator, bringing gynecologic laparoscopy, gynecologic microsurgery, gynecologic laser and, with three other doctors, IVF to the Central Texas area.

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Rep. Ward addresses HB 525 – Use of Tobacco Products

Report Title:  State Park System; Smoking or Use of Tobacco Products Prohibited
Description:  Prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices within the state park system. Requires posting of signage prohibiting smoking and the use of tobacco products. (SD2) .  4/28/2015 H Passed Final Reading as amended in SD 2 with Representative(s) Jordan, Kong, Oshiro, Say, Tupola voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Creagan, McDermott, San Buenaventura, Ward voting no (4) and none excused (0).

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Senator Slom and Rep. Ward discuss the Jones Act – April 2015

Sam Slom and Representative Gene Ward legislators from Hawaii, SKYPE with Guam and Puerto Rico in a forum to discuss legislative developments on the Jones Act for their respective jurisdictions. Shippers Council President Mike Hansen began with taking about the “Cabotage Laws: Wall to Economic Development.”

Hawaii Senate Minority Leader Senator Sam Slom, who has advocated for Jones Act reform for decades, acknowledged disagreement over the Jones Act’s effect on costs but highlighted the economic indicators uniformly affected in Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico: competition and cost of living. He also mentioned the Jones Act reform page on the Senate Minority website and a petition to be started by the Senate Minority for use in all jurisdictions to garner support.

Ward  Jones Act SkypeHouse of Representatives Minority Leader Emeritus Rep. Gene Ward made the point that when the Jones Act was enacted 95 years ago, it served its purpose and was relevant to national security.  In 2015 however, the effect of the law is to punish the non-contiguous trades with oppressive shipping costs. Rep. Ward’s suggestion was to continue the public awareness vital to successful reform of the Jones Act by publishing white papers on common misconceptions about what could happen if an exemption is granted, namely that reform would threaten national security, or labor unions.
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Rep. Ward addresses HB 1325 Stormwater Management

Report Title:  Stormwater Management; Counties; User Fees
Description:  Authorizes the counties to establish and charge user fees for stormwater management. (SD1)
4/21/2015 H Passed Final Reading as amended in SD 1 with Representative(s) Say voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Fukumoto Chang, Kong, McDermott, Pouha, Tupola, Ward voting no (6) and Representative(s) Ito excused (1).
4/21/2015 H Transmitted to Governor.

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Reps. Thielen and Ward address HB 1286 – Energy Facility Systems

Report Title:  Hawaii State Planning Act; Energy Facility Systems; Natural Gas
Description:  Amends the State’s objectives and policies relating to energy facility systems, including a policy of ensuring that liquefied natural gas be used only as a cost-effective transitional, limited-term replacement of petroleum for electricity generation and not impede the development and use of other cost-effective renewable energy sources. (SD2)  4/21/2015 H Passed Final Reading as amended in SD 2 with Representative(s) Thielen voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Kong, McDermott, Tupola, Ward voting no (4) and Representative(s) Ito excused (1).
4/21/2015 H Transmitted to Governor.

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Rep. Ward addresses HB 1099 – Outdoor Advertising

Report Title:  Outdoor Advertising; Waipio Peninsula Soccer Stadium
Description:  Authorizes the display of an outdoor advertising device at the Waipio peninsula soccer stadium, subject to appropriate approval; provided that the scoreboard faces the stadium interior and is not visible from any thoroughfare. Specifies placement and size limitations for the device. (SD2)
4/21/2015 H Passed Final Reading as amended in SD 2 with none voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Thielen, Tupola, Ward voting no (3) and Representative(s) Ito excused (1). 4/21/2015 H Transmitted to Governor

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