Bring it Back to the People – Host Rep. Tupola Nanakuli High Football

Representative Andria Tupola is on location at Nanakuli High School.  The Representative talks to: Keala Watson, Head Football Coach, Andrew Moody the Athletic Director and Lyle Tuiloma, Team Captain/ and offensive and defensive lineman.  Nanakuli High School  –  2014  football champions!

Rep Tupola Andrew Moody Kyle tuiloma Keala Watson

Left to Right:  Andrew Moody, Athletic Director, Representative Andria Tupola, Lyle Tuiloma, Team Captain/ and offensive and defensive lineman and Keala Watson, Head Football Coach


HECO endangering itself by foot-dragging on solar power By Rep. Gene Ward

Star AdvertiserISLAND VOICES – Honolulu Advertiser

Nov 27, 2014

“Solar on every roof” has been my message to the people of Hawaii for the past eight years.

Going forward, it may be “solar on every roof — and storage batteries under every house.”

Earlier this year, I compared Hawaii’s electrical grid to an old-fashioned mainframe computer system — a system that has not kept up with the development of stand-alone personal computers and devices. Our state continues to rely on a centralized power plant to distribute power across the electrical grid. In the meantime, we continue to waste the sun for the sake of an outdated paradigm focusing on the producer rather than the end-user.

This “micro-grid” paradigm is evolving as the new reality even as Hawaiian Electric Co. continues to drag its feet for advancement of larger quantities of renewable energy from rooftop solar that has been vastly improved and more cost-effective.

Dramatic advances in battery storage technology, which allows consumers to store the energy they’ve generated for later use, will make going off the grid possible sooner than we think. I suspect there are a growing number of homes already planning to do this, and this should be a wake-up call for HECO to keep them in the family.

But for HECO’s solar policies to remain credible, it needs to rely less on its mantra of “stability and reliability” and turn to one that allows hook-ups more quickly, and incentives and assurances to put as much solar on our roofs as possible, especially while the federal 30 percent tax credit remains alive. That expires Dec. 31, 2016. Right now, there are enough financial incentives for most homeowners with rooftop PV systems to enter into net energy metering (NEM) agreements with HECO, whereby they sell the excess electricity their systems produce back to the utility.

But this incentive could become outdated at the present pace and by disincentives planned by HECO. Even though the company recently announced it will address its backlog of 4,800 applications for PV interconnection from customers seeking to supply electricity to the grid by April 2015, those customers hoping to purchase and install a PV system with a NEM agreement will be at the proverbial “back of the line.”

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis delay in the approval process, combined with HECO wanting to start paying its NEM customers a less favorable rate for the electricity they feed into the grid (part of a proposal yet to be approved by the Public Utilities Commission), may make this arrangement less attractive. And again, this would force people to consider getting off the grid as a viable option.

For all these reasons, more and more people will be compelled to move over to the “non-export model” — that is, not feeding power back into the grid under a net energy metering agreement, but feeding it into their own homes through their own batteries into their own independently generating micro-grid. What could be more American than this?

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Indonesian diplomats visit the State Capitol

Hawaii reporter LogoDecember 3, 2014  Link

When:          Thursday, December 4th – 9:00 tour- speaking 9:30 -10:30am

Where:         Room 325, State Capitol

Who:            Delegation of Indonesian diplomats


Thursday, December 4th, from 9:00-10:30am a delegation of Indonesian diplomats will meet in room 325 at the State Capitol. The diplomats are spending two days in Hawaii as an advance team for the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, who will be visiting the islands next summer. The delegation is meeting with the directors of the Hawaii Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (HICHAM) and plans to tour the State Capitol.

“Tak kanal maka tak sayang,” said Representative Ward. He quoted an Indonesian proverb signifying that Bali and Hawaii know each other and are affectionately bonded together.

The delegation schedule includes visiting Hanuama Bay for an Eco-Tourism and Ocean Safety Presentation with Jim Howe and City and County Lifeguards. They will meet with President Charles Morrison at the East West Center. Dinner will be at a private residence with members of the Hawaii Indonesia Community.


“The two most beautiful places on earth are now Sister States,” Ward said.

Is Governor Ige supporting Republican Issues?

Hawaii reporter Logo December 3, 2014  – Link

Ward at Capitol“We listened, and we heard an open invitation to work with Governor Ige on legislative issues,” Representative Gene Ward said after the inaugural address.

“Predictions of prosperity include no tax on pensions,” commented Ward after the Governor said “For our kupuna, it means helping them live out their golden years with independence, dignity, and the love and support of their families.”

Representative Ward’s legislative priorities include: growing and diversifying our economy while doing more to support small businesses; strengthening our public education system so that students and teachers reach their full potential; honoring our kupuna and respecting their dignity and independence, including their financial independence; supporting common-sense environmental protections so that our unique ecosystem is not threatened in the name of progress and job creation; and above all, working transparently and accountably to serve the public interest, while spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money wisely, responsibly, and with the utmost accountability.

“Strangely these are the same priorities as Governor Ige,” Ward said, “Let’s stay tuned and see what happens.”