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Mike Buck Hosts Representative Johanson March 24, 2014

March 28, 2014

Minority Leader Representative Aaron Ling Johanson talks with Mike Buck about the and notable bills that are moving through the House. They also address the Jones Act. Tune in Monday mornings during the 7 o’clock hour to hear Rep. Johanson on 690 AM. Call in to: 808-296-5467.

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March 25, 2014


Representatives Beth Fukumoto and Lauren Kealohilani Matsumoto introduce the 2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.




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It’s time for Hawaii to consider replacing monopoly power grid

March 24, 2014

ImageMarch 24, 2014   ISLAND VOICES – By Representative Gene Ward

It’s time for Hawaii to consider replacing monopoly power grid

 Some of us are old enough to remember when “IBM cards” and the mainframe computer represented the latest technology.

For decades, these devices were used as early forms of digital communication and data storage.

As technology improved, however, the personal computer and Internet were created, allowing these devices to be phased out.

The Internet was developed by the U.S. government, in part to be less vulnerable to attack or disabling than a centralized system like mainframes.

Now, in a world where virtually everyone has access to a personal computer, it’s hard to imagine using a gigantic mainframe computer.

In many ways, Hawaii’s electrical grid represents the dated mainframe computer model; a large power plant distributes power across the electrical grid. While a centralized power plant benefits from the economies of scale, it suffers power-loss over transmission lines and makes consumers more vulnerable to power interruptions.

It’s time for Hawaii to start thinking about replacing this model with a better system. Decades ago this undertaking wouldn’t have been possible, but the availability of advanced photovoltaic, wind turbine and other energy generators combined with better energy storage (i.e., battery) technology allow for Hawaii’s electrical grid to undergo a much-needed upgrade. And so far, we’re the national leaders in modernizing our grid.

A micro-grid is a self-contained system of energy production, distribution and load that’s much more likely to get us off of fossil fuels. These miniature electrical grids can serve one, or sometimes several, customers and generate electricity from one or more sources.

Micro-grids are also connected to the larger electrical grid to borrow power when needed (e.g. on windless or rainy days) and return power when a surplus exists. A home equipped with solar panels, battery storage, and an electronic control unit constitute one of the most common, simplest examples.

One of the biggest advantages of micro-grids is their self-sufficiency. Operating completely independent of the larger grid is called “island mode,” a benefit that is highly desirable when the traditional electrical grid gets knocked out by severe weather or a natural disaster.

It’s about time that we allow electricity consumers in Hawaii to make the switch from the mainframe to the personal computer. Micro-grids are a cleaner and more resilient alternative to traditional grids. In the future we may even be able to connect them to electric cars to stabilize the power supply.

Despite this, Hawaiian Electric Co. is trying to hold onto the old mainframe model. It is likely that traditional power grids will eventually be phased out, the only question that remains is whether Hawaiian utility companies will drag their feet or take the initiative to adopt this new technology.

Let’s face it: The mainframe is a dinosaur and we’ll only ensure its continued survival by providing a monopoly on the food chain.

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Mike Buck hosts Rep. Johanson March 17, 2014 – Audio Only

March 21, 2014

The Internet Tax is one of the topics discussed on the Mike Buck show with Representative Arron Ling Johanson on March 17, 2014

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Rep. Bob McDermott – Pono Choices

March 20, 2014

Rep. Bob McDermott - Pono Choices

Midweek – Roy Chang – March 19, 2014


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Reps. Johanson and Fukumoto Mid-Session Report

March 19, 2014

Representatives Aaron Ling Johanson, Minority Leader and Beth Fukumoto Minority Floor Leader present a mid-session legislative report for 2014.


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Reps. Johanson and Fukumoto Mid-Session Report

March 19, 2014

Representatives Aaron Ling Johanson, Minority Leader and Beth Fukumoto, Minority Floor Leader present a mid-session legislative report for 2014.

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Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico lawmakers discuss the Jones Act

March 19, 2014

Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico lawmakers say the U.S. ship build requirement of the Jones Act is a major contributor to the high cost of living in their locations and they want the U.S. Congress to remove this burden.
The list of participants at the press conference today included:
Hawaii: Senator Sam Slom (R); Representative Gene Ward (R); Representative Cindy Evans (D).
Alaska: Senator Fred Dyson (R) – talking; Senator John Coghill (R) — Majority Leader — participated for a short time but needed to leave prior to speaking.
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: Senator Rossana Lopez Leon — Majority Whip
Other speakers: Michael N. Hansen, President, Hawaii Shippers Council; Cliff Slater, Independent Transportation/Trucking/Railroad Professional

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Reps. McDermott and Ward honors unsung heroes

March 15, 2014

Representatives Bob McDermott and Gene Ward honored Lloyd R. Vasey, Robert T. Guard and Ronald J. Hays as unsung heroes.  These men represent veterans who continue to help others by giving back.


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Mike Buck Show with Rep. Johanson – March 10, 2014 – Audio Only

March 12, 2014

Hear Minority Leader Aaron Ling Johanson talk with Mike Buck about the bill that are crossing over from the House to the Senate and from the Senate to the House.

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