Rep. Gene Ward Addresses HB 1660 – relating to sidewalks

Report Title: Obstruction of Public Passage; Sidewalks
Description: Specifies that the offense of obstructing includes, in addition to obstructing a highway or public passage, providing less than one meter of space for passage on any paved public sidewalk, except as authorized by law, or failing to obey a law enforcement officer’s order or request to cease any of the foregoing activities. (HB1660 HD1)

Passed Third Reading with Representative(s) Aquino, Awana, Cullen, Fale, Fukumoto, Har, Kawakami, Matsumoto, McKelvey, Takayama, Tokioka, Yamane voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Hanohano, Jordan, Oshiro, Ward voting no (4) and Representative(s) Say excused (1). Transmitted to Senate.

ward hb 1660Contact: Excerpt from Capitol TV

Rep. Cynthia Thielen addresses HB1586 – Transportation

Report Title: Special Management Area; Airport and Highway Improvements; Exempt from County Approvals
Description: Allows Department of Transportation to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain land improvements for airport and highway purposes without the approval of county agencies. (HB1586 HD1)

Passed Second Reading as amended in HD 1 and referred to the committee(s) on WAL with Representative(s) Creagan, Ing, Johanson, Lowen, Matsumoto, McKelvey, Morikawa, Oshiro, Rhoads, Ward, Wooley voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Hanohano, Thielen voting no (2) and none excused (0).

thielen hb 1586Contact: Excerpt from Capitol TV