Representative Gene Ward addresses HB 1660 _ Relating to Sidewalks

Report Title: Obstruction of Public Passage; Sidewalks
Description: Specifies that the offense of obstructing includes, in addition to obstructing a highway or public passage, providing less than one meter of space for passage on any paved public sidewalk, except as authorized by law, or failing to obey a law enforcement officer’s order or request to cease any of the foregoing activities. (HB1660 HD1)


Excerpt from Capitol TV

Representative Cynthia Thielen addresses – HB 1500 Thielen – Contractors

Report Title: Contractors
Description: Allows general engineering contractors and general building contractors to perform work subordinate to but necessary for completion of the project and for which the contractors do not have a license, if the value of the work performed is equal to or less than one percent of the total contract price. (HB1500 HD1)
Passed Second Reading as amended in HD 1 and referred to the committee(s) on CPC with Representative(s) Fukumoto, Hanohano, Johanson, Jordan, Matsumoto, McDermott, McKelvey voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Thielen voting no (1) and Representative(s) Say excused (1).

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