waiting to testify

As Senate Bill 1 moves to a second vote by the full House today, House Republicans released an internal count showing overwhelming public opposition to SB 1 and urged colleagues to listen to the voice of the people. Of the written testimony published by the joint House Committee, 80 percent of testifiers opposed the bill, as did 87 percent of oral testimony.


“Again and again in the public hearing, testifiers made a valid argument that public opinion should matter in a democracy,” Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson said. “We were elected to represent the people of Hawaii, and we can’t ignore them and their concerns.”


He continued, “Considering what we heard in the five days of testimony and what I’ve heard from my community, I urge my colleagues to be sensitive to the many objections expressed in the hearing and stop SB 1. It’s not too late to support the will of the people.”


“The Legislature has never seen this level of public concern for a bill,” said Rep. Beth Fukumoto. “The numbers underscore what was echoed hundreds of times in the hearing – that the majority of local residents is not comfortable with this bill or the process that it is going through. The public is right to distrust the hasty and confusing process through which this bill is moving.”


The unofficial count found that of 10,749 unique pieces of written testimony submitted to the House, 8,556 (80%) were in opposition and 2,193 (20%) were in support. Of 1,032 oral testifiers, 895 (87%) opposed the measure and 137 (13%) supported it.

Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson serves as the House Minority Leader and Vice Chair of the House Committee on Finance. He represents the 31st House District covering Moanalua, Foster Village and Aiea. Rep. Beth Fukumoto serves as the House Minority Floor Leader and represents the 36th House District covering Mililani and Mililani Mauka.