Rep. Gene Ward said he was “hoodwinked” two years ago. “This is a teachable moment because there are sons and daughters of the PLDC still alive in this body,” he said from the House of Representatives.

Report Title: Transient Accommodations Tax
Description: Makes permanent the Transient Accommodations Tax rate of 9.25 per cent and the amounts to be distributed to the Tourism Special Fund and the counties. Repeals the limit on deposits into the Tourism Special Fund and certain additional taxes. Adjusts percentages of revenues to be deposited into specific special funds and revenues transferred to the counties. Effective July 1, 2013. (HB963 HD1)

• CURRENT TAT — TAT is currently 9.25 percent until Jun 30, 2015, where it would drop back to 7.25 percent; bill proposes to make the 9.25 percent permanent

Headshot Ward # 5Contact: Excerpt from Capitol TV