House Republicans generally agree with proposals; cautions against overcommitting state resources

hEADSHOT johansonOn behalf of the House Minority Caucus, Minority Leader Aaron Ling Johanson made the following statement in response to the State of the State Address:

“The Minority Caucus agrees with the Governor that at its heart, politics exists to do good for people. We are encouraged by the Governor’s call for a new, cooperative tone in legislative dialogue. This legislative session, unlike any year before, may be Hawaii’s best chance to put politics aside and meaningfully focus on reaching common ground.”

“Conceptually, we find common ground with the Governor’s priorities to increase transparency, focus on education, address unfunded liabilities and support our veterans.”

“The Governor’s proposals are part of an ambitious agenda.  The question will be how we pay for all of these initiatives.  We should proceed with cautious optimism and be careful not to overcommit our state’s financial resources during our fragile economic recovery.  It is our responsibility as leaders to ensure that we stay on a path toward long-term financial solvency to best honor our state’s obligation to its people.”