Host Representative Corinne Ching speaks with
Guest 1: Dr. James Ireland / Director, Honolulu Emergency Services Dept. and
Guest 2: Leslie Lam / Executive Director, American Diabetes Assn. Hawaii and
Guest 3 Viola Genadio/ RN, APRN, CDE, BC-ADM

This special program will focus on preserving our heritage through the health of our community. As some of you may know, March is Kidney Month. In light of Kidney Month, we are pleased to introduce the Green Anthurium Project. The Green Anthurium, one of the longest living plants indigenous to our islands, is a symbol of our Diabetes Awareness Campaign. The Green Anthurium Project encourages the community to live well, healthy and revitalize our lives and is inspired by the late Ms. Beverlyn Ho, a dear friend, who passed on due to Diabetes.
The Green Anthurium embodies the reminder to live well and eat well. By giving the Green Anthurium, you’re saying, “Thank you, I appreciate you — be well, live well.”

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