Representatives Thielen, Ward and Ching Address Stand. Comm. Rep. No. 686-12 H.B. No. 2047, H.D. 1RELATING TO INFORMATION PROTECTION.(Identity Theft; Personal Information) AS AMENDED, PASS SECOND READING, PLACE ON THE CALENDAR FOR THIRD READING

Requires that businesses implement, by January 1, 2014, a comprehensive, written policy and procedure to prevent identity theft, and designate an employee to be responsible for protecting personal information. The bill would apply to all businesses that maintain personal information, regardless of size. Every business covered by the bill must train all employees in the implementation of the policy and procedure; employees must sign a form acknowledging receipt of training and a copy of the form is to be kept in the employee’s file. This bill places a huge cost burden on small businesses. It also makes them vulnerable to fines and penalties for violations that only in hindsight could have been prevented. The bill creates an unrealistic and unachievable standard. For example, it mandates training of all of a business’ employees, when not all employees would realistically have access to sensitive information. This bill is unnecessary. Existing state and federal laws already protect consumers.


Excerpt from Capitol TV