Part 2. Representative Gil Riviere speaks with Reba Martin of Island X Hawaii. Established in 1991, on the North Shore of Oahu, IXH is a family run business owned and operated by Bill and Reba Martin. See
Jerry Driscoll, CEO of North Shore Soap Factory talks about their home to Hawaiian Bath and Body! Located at the historic Waialua Sugar Mill on the north shore of Oahu Hawaii. Their products are handmade with Aloha and 100% natural ingredients. Derek Lanter of Waialua Coffee and Cacao offers Award-Winning & Artisan-Made – Extra Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao with deep cocoa flavors and hints of berry overtones with a rich velvety-smooth texture; and Premium 100% Hawaiian Coffee – A smooth, mellow coffee characterized by a well-balanced cup with a hint of chocolate and pleasant lingering aftertaste.