The Kaimuki Kanikapila annual event

The Kaimuki Kanikapila is held on the 1st Saturday in November annually. This street fair is put on by the Kaimuki Business & Professional Association to benefit the businesses in the area and provide an opportunity for residents to shop and eat. Waialae Avenue is closed from 11th Avenue up to Kiki Head Avenue and filled with food, crafts, service booths and two stages with non-stop entertainment.

“BISHOP ESTATE UNFAIR TO FARMERS” “The Trust refuses to meet with farmers to negotiate new lease rents.”

Representative Gene Ward (R-Hawaii Kai – Kalama Valley) said today on behalf of the Hawaii Kai community keenly interested in keeping the Kamilonui Valley farmers on their agriculture lots leased from Bishop Estate – Kamehameha Schools, that the Estate has not negotiated in good faith, and is calling upon the community to support the farmers.


The farmers’ leases expired and the farmers went to great length and expense to hire expert Agriculture Economist, Professor Chaudrey Shehata (UH-Hilo Campus) only to be told by the Estate’s lawyers that such a study is irrelevant and means nothing and refused to meet with the farmers and the professor.  This is the same “income based” rather than “commercial land value based” type of study that Dr. Shehata had done for 220 Kona coffee farmers just over a year ago to negotiate their new lease rents with the Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate.  They accepted Dr. Shehata’s Kona coffee study as relevant.


“I find it rather unconscionable that the one of the biggest trusts in the world will not sit down and hear out a small group of farmers who have been on the land for the past 35 years.  All Judy Nii and her farmers want to do is present Dr. Shehata’s study and ask for fair lease renegotiations like the coffee farmers did,” Ward said.


Fearing that the Estate will remain obstinate and not meet with her and the farmers after so much time has passed since she has tried speaking to the estate weeks ago, Judy Nii has put out a call to the Hawaii Kai community to begin a sign waving protest campaign beginning tomorrow.  Residents of Hawaii Kai fear that if the farmers are forced off their land, a new sub-division will be built and the lifestyle and density levels of Hawaii Kai will spoil the entire community.


Sign waving how unfair the estate is in refusing to meet or negotiate lease rents will start at 8am at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai.  A second shift will wave protest signs from 10 am to noon.  Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th, are both scheduled for sign waving with the farmers.


“My family and I will be joining the sign-wavers at Maunalua Bay until we see some justice,” Ward concluded.

Minority Press Statement Republican Caucus Selects Leaders

House Republicans selected Representative Gene Ward  Ph.D. as Minority Leader and Representative Kymberly Pine  will continue to serve as the Minority Floor Leader.  Cynthia Thielen remains the Assistant Minority Leader, Corinne Ching will be the Assistant Minority Floor Leader and Barbara Marumoto will be the Minority Policy Leader.  The three freshman George Fontaine, Aaron Johanson and Gil Riviere will serve as Whips.


Minority Leader Representative Gene Ward said, “Our new Caucus is excited and united and ready to do the people’s business, particularly regarding fiscal responsibility and job creation in the 2011 Session.  We are very pleased to have grown 33 1/3 percent representing the first net-gain in the size of caucus in 10 years.  The tide is changing in the House and we have added three exceptional new members in  Aaron Johanson, George Fontaine, and Gil Riviere.  It’s an honor to be elected the leader of the Minority Caucus and together we have the privilege and awesome responsibility of being the voice for over 40% of the people of Hawaii who voted last Tuesday.”


“I am so excited that I’ll be working with Gene Ward.  He is an amazing leader; and the new freshman are so bright and bring so much to the table,” said Minority Floor Leader Representative Kymberly Pine


The leaders serve as the spokespersons for their party and manage the schedule of the caucus legislative and executive business. House Republicans will rally for an accountable government and better solutions for the challenges that face Hawaii’s citizens and visitors.

Republicans hold 8 seats in the 51-seat House of Representatives. The new leadership will determine what actions they will take to influencing policies and the gain of additional seats in the 2012 elections.